The Timekeeper's Son, a moving father-son tale, explores middle-aged grief and youthful yearnings, the price of hidden disabilities and wounds, and the claims and limits of community.

In the small town of Milledge, Georgia, aspiring teenage filmmaker Josh Lovejoy hits a jogger while driving late at night. But this is not just any jogger: the victim is prominent local activist and historian David Masters. The accident not only puts Masters in the hospital in a coma, it shatters the fragile Lovejoy household. Adrift from friends and family, a shocked Josh reluctantly takes up his court-ordered community service work at the Good Shepherd School for Disabled Children. Meanwhile, the comatose Masters is visited by the ghost of the singer Peggy Lee, and his childless wife Meg, consumed with grief, fantasizes that Josh is the son she might have had. 

In love with an unstable girl, and estranged from his angry father and preoccupied mother, Josh escapes to New York City. Things there do not go as planned and, overwhelmed, Josh makes a fateful decision that puts him beyond the help of his family. Facing physical and spiritual annihilation, he must choose between the death of the heart and the acceptance of the imperfect good that is his life. Josh's story reminds readers that while our lives may be flawed, they can still be embraced with love.

What others are saying about The Timekeeper's Son

In her emotionally riveting debut novel, The Timekeeper's Son, award-winning author Sara Baker takes us on a suspenseful journey that begins in a small Southern town and ventures into the inner landscapes of two families as their long-held assumptions about their lives crumble. In spare, elegant prose, Baker skillfully leads the reader into the eye of a hurricane. An accident precipitates the collision of several townspeople whose fates are entwined, compelling each to reassess their self-identity. By compassionately penetrating the hearts and minds of her characters, Baker shows us the agony wrought by impermanence and asks us to consider how loss offers a possibility for transformation. This achingly poignant story will haunt you long after you've closed the covers of the book.

—Dale Kushner, author of The Conditions of Love

You have written a fantastic novel....Hal's need for control and order, Helen's insecurity and fear of exposure, Josh's youthful dreams and follies, Meg's loneliness and longing to mother, all tied with the thread of a disaster, these are elements that will touch all readers, find a root somewhere in everyone.

—Laura Petrella, editor

I would like to thank NetGalley and Deeds Publishing for an ARC of "The Timekeeper's Son" by Sara Baker. Wow!! This is an intriguing and complex novel dealing with modern day complications of family interactions during adverse times, poor decisions and consequences. In my opinion Sara Baker explores the need to be accepted, peer pressure at all ages, loneliness, self-worth and discovery and growth of the characters. I do not want to give away any spoilers or repeat what is on the jacket cover, so I find writing this review a bit of a challenge. One of the main characters, Josh, a seventeen year old with learning disabilities, and a desire to be a film maker feels the pressure of his peers, and the disappointment of his father. Josh's father is a clock maker and keeps time pieces running with tremendous precision and passion, that he is not capable of showing the members of his family. Josh feels he will be successful if he can produce films, and yet tries to please his family and friends. Through unfortunate events, Josh drives while he is high, and has an accident and hurts someone. This tragic event centers around the characters, and connects them in many ways. This is a book that makes me reflect on many things, and I would recommend it!

—Anonymous NetGalley Review